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Former Grand Hotel Verriest

The history of Flanders Hotel

Flanders Hotel stands where the former “Grand Hotel Verriest” opened it’s doors back in 1905, when it was Bruges’ most spacious property with 125 rooms and large old world gardens. Designed by Isidoor Alleweireldt, one of Bruges’ foremost architects of the late 19th century, the structure includes a former Gothic room, which was part of a celebrated Dominican Monastery dating from the year 1304.

This room has served travellers from all over the world as a characteristic Flemish salon ever since the beginning of last century. As a result of the second great war the hotel ceased to exist, though it was rekindled on a smaller scale during the nineties.

A new beginning

Under the current ownership, since the turn of the century, Flanders Hotel has gone from strength to strength and continuous expansion has meant that it will soon once again have over 50 comfortable and well appointed guest rooms. Though the historic charm has been maintained throughout the hotel, more modern features have been incorporated too.

The central location that serves today’s visitors so well has always been a great benefit to guests and the legacy of both the monastery and the Grand Hotel can be felt when visiting the site today.